CANELA - Mpourmpakis Lab

Summer 2014 (Cathedral of Learning)

From left to right: Jyoti, Pavlo, Yanni, Natalie, Tybur and Bob

November 2016 (University Club)

From left to right: Pavlo, Peter, Macy, Natalie (first row), Nick, Brandon, Carly (second row), Michael, Zihao, Giannis, James, and Xi (third row)

May 2017 (Mascaro Center)

From left to right: James, Mudit, Michael (first row),  Mitch, Jonathan (second row), Giannis, Peter, Macy (third row), Zihao, Pavlo, Xi, and Natalie (fourth row)

January 2015 (Ramen bar)

From left to right: Nick, Natalie, Michael, Pavlo, Yanni, Isadora and Peter

December 2017 (Union Grill)

From left to right: Robin, Mitch, Zihao, Michael, Michael, Giannis, James, Pavlo, Natalie, Mudit

January 2016 (Sichuan Gourmet)

From left to right: Pavlo, Xi, Natalie, Michael, Giannis, Peter, Macy, and Brandon